LewRockwell.com – April 27, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012
We’re Not Equal
Murray Rothbard on the government’s attempt to make us the same.
Beltway Thinktopia
Skip Oliva on the Kochs and Cato.
Another Lieberman Republican
Pat Buchanan on neocon menace Marco Rubio.
The New World Order’s Money Scam
It’s a huge poker game, says Gary North.
Differ With the State? You Must Be Sick
Eric Peters on stealth totalitarianism.
From Neocon to Libertarian Anarchist
Christian Light on why he had to get out of the military.
Patrick Henry Was a Crook
And other truths about 1776 by Albert Jay Nock.
Concealed Carry…Chinos?
The $65 pants that promise to hide your sidearm in style.
Don’t Call It ‘Junk’
Lisa Bedford on amassing a valuable stash of pre-1965 90% silver coins.
Great Whites Are Intelligent, Curious Creatures
Just tickle their nose, says the Shark Whisperer.
Not Ready for a Street Fight?
How about a home fight?
Turn on Your Longevity Genes
Super-antioxidants are the key, says Margaret Durst.