Free & Equal: Waging War Against Incumbents

Campaign for Primary Accountability

Waging War Against Incumbents

April 24, 2012
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Imagine why, each election, incumbent politicians spend piles of money to keep their jobs. Because it pays so well, in many ways!

Example: until recent public outrage prompted a change in legislation, it was legal for members of Congress to trade stocks, based on insider information. Poor Martha Stewart—if only she’d been a Congressman!

Americans of all political ideologies agree that our politicians have stopped being public servants. Rather, they act as if We the People are theirs!

Bob Dylan is finally correct: “But the times, they are a changin’.”

The New York Times said a new “Super PAC” is making incumbents “nervous.” Nervous?

How about outright scared? Campaign for Primary Accountability, with its role in the shocking defeat of career politician Jean Schmidt in the Ohio Republican primary, is on the move.

Congressional elections are not working,” said Eric O’Keefe, chairman of the Campaign for Primary Accountability. “Public approval of Congress is below ten percent, but 90% of incumbents are easily reelected. The only way to hold incumbents accountable is primary elections.”

O’Keefe said he is pleased with the early results the organization has had in showing the citizens how to confront Congress’ bipartisan ruling elite.

Campaign for Primary Accountability is already playing a vital role in leveling the playing field between the people and the halls of power.

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