LewRockwell.com – April 20, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012
A Real Capacity for Evil
Doug Casey on what distinguishes political elites from normal people.
Political Climate Change
Ron Paul on campus. Article by Gary North.
Your Own Car Will Spy on You
Beginning in 2015, says Eric Peters.
The US Has Declared War on the World
The world is winning, says Jack Douglas.
10 Hot Brainstorms
There is just one rule, says James Altucher, for coming up with your own new and successful ideas.
The Coming Domestic Population Control Grid
Lee Bellinger on what the feds, the military, and their high-tech crony-capitalists have in store for us.
Is It 3rd-Reich Time Again?
People don’t want to believe it, says Mac Slavo.
Ditching the Dollar
The world is rejecting the depreciating greenback.
Why Do You Yawn?
It’s not why you think, says Joseph Mercola, DO.
Free Speech for Cigarettes
David Hockney writes to mean, dreary local totalitarians.
Eat Stop Eat?
There’s no effort involved in fasting; just chose the best method for yourself, says Mark Sisson.