LewRockwell.com – April 18, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Ben Bernanke’s Judy Garland Imitation
Gary North on a chilling fantasy.
The Vaccination Conspiracy
Attorney Patricia Finn talks to Lew about being targeted for her defense of anti-vaccination parents.
Penny Unwise, Dollar Insane
Ron Paul on what the effective death of the smallest coins means.
No Thanks – I Don’t Want Any
If government “services” have any value, why are we forced at gunpoint to pay for them? Article by Eric Peters.
40 Alternatives to College
James Altucher on not being brainwashed and put in massive debt.
A Chance for Peace With Iran
But will the Israel lobby scuttle it? Article by Justin Raimondo.
The US Uses Sexual Humiliation
As a tool of political control. Article by Naomi Wolf.
Coming to a Location Near You
Civil Unrest. Article by Lisa Bedford.
Americans Believe in Concealed Carry, Use of Deadly Force
Alex Newman on the failed demonization of self-defense.
Don’t Trust Banks or Credit Card Companies
Use simple financial strategies to protect your privacy, says Trace Mayer.
The Rise of the Tax-Collector State
Now the greedy feds are copying ancient Rome, says Simon Black.
Get Rid of the Pests Without Pesticide
Edward Group has 3 recipes to make the organic, natural version.