Free and Equal: Welcome Gun Owners of America!

Welcome Gun Owners of America!

Free & Equal Event: Summer 2012, Chicago

April 17, 2012
Contact: Christina Tobin (312) 320-4101

‘Free and Equal Elections’ will host a summer event with cutting edge grassroots leaders. Several announcements of additional speakers will follow this one. The goal of this event is to kick-off a nationwide movement for electoral reform.
Previously announced was Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.
The event will be in Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has been pressuring the State legislature to adopt draconian anti-gun legislation. Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, will also speak, to explain how the anti-gun lobby has held Illinois as the last state banning concealed carry.
Mr. Pratt said of the proposed legislation, “Of course Chicago’s gun control experiment is a failure. Chicago has a murder a day, doesn’t it? At Free and Equal’s summer event, I will lay the groundwork for Chicagoans to reclaim their 2nd amendment rights. An armed society, is a polite society. Criminals shouldn’t be the only ones with guns!”
Christina Tobin, founder and chair of ‘The Free and Equal Elections Foundation,’ explained that the event will have many leaders from across the political spectrum speaking.
“This event will be exciting! Singer-songwriter Jordan Page (well-known in the Liberty movement), will kick-off the event with the performance of a new song written exclusively for Free & Equal Elections.”
“All attending will share one belief– that laws shouldn’t be made by a tiny group of connected, largely unelected people for the majority of Americans,” said Ms. Tobin.
“The first step toward reforming politics is fighting for free and equal elections, that is, a level playing field for the candidates, and we are all coming together to work for that,” she concluded.
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