LewRockwell.com – April 16, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012
Obey or Die
Paul Craig Roberts on the US rule of law.
The Koch-Cato Power Opera
And what it shows us about a prominent “libertarian.” Article by Walter Block.
Primal Saved My Health
And maybe my life. Article by Karen De Coster.
Secret History From WWII
Churchill, Roosevelt, and the Faustian bargain.
The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping
Was it a New Deal political hit? Article by James Perloff.
Get Your Gold Out of Dodge
Jeff Berwick on preparing for the worst.
Cop Corruption Is Out of Control
Bill Rounds on protecting your personal info from police abuse.
Prepare To Prepare
First, get your financial house in order.
Earth-Shattering Events?
19 things the MSM talking-heads refuse to discuss.
SS Hijinks in Cartagena
A peek into the behavior of entitled parasites in the dictator’s praetorian guard.
The Everyday Drink That Contains Blood, Pus, and Drugs
Conventional milk. Joseph Mercola, DO, on why there’s a war on healthy raw milk.