LewRockwell.com – April 11, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Judge Napolitano Visits Cato
An eyewitness report on the Koch-Crane power opera.
Interventionist Trouble-Making
Eric Margolis talks with Lew about imperial meddling in Syria, Libya, Iran, Israel, Gaza, Afghanistan, China, and Africa.
Forget Moving Overseas
You can find a safe, quiet haven here, near your grandkids, says Gary North.
Why Vote? The Entire System Is a Fraud
Except for Ron Paul, and he’s being cheated. Article by Mac Slavo.
The Self-Contradictory US Constitution
And the terrorist-bureaucrats. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.
Our Commie Tax Code
Thanks, Karl Marx, says Laurence Vance.
Ron Paul Supporters, Beware
A 3rd-party run is an establishment trap, says Ron Holland.
The Outing of ‘Deep Throat’
Pat Buchanan on Mark Felt.
Calling All Crash Test Dummies
Get in the stock market now.
Titanic History Revised
Rosie Waites on 5 myths perpetrated by the movies.
Food, Medicine, and Other Tools of Survival
How to use the top 5 plants from your garden or the wilderness.