Voter ID Laws: Yes? No?

Voter ID Laws: Yes? No?

April 3, 2012
Contact: Christina Tobin (312) 320-4101 | Richard Winger (415) 922-9779

Many states are having their proposed voter ID laws challenged by the Obama administration.

Should we dismiss this as mere political maneuvering? Minority constituencies typically favor Democrats, so perhaps the Administration seeks to retain their easy access to the polls.

But that really is a distraction from the greater point.

Namely, would ‘voter i.d.’ foster fair, free, and equal elections? Or not?

Richard Winger, editor of Ballot Access News and election law expert, notes that such would risk disenfranchising those who don’t possess identification, such as elderly and urban populations, many of whom don’t possess driver’s licenses.

Fraud prevented by voter ID laws is rare.

According to Winger, “Voter fraud usually concerns absentee ballot fraud. Also, there are instances when people who are not yet citizens, vote. But an ordinary photo-ID does not say if one is a citizen, so photo-ID laws don’t help with that problem either.”

Christina Tobin, president of ‘Free and Equal,’ summed the situation well: “The real problem is the two-party system. They politicize and distract from the issue. You can BET that whatever either party proposes, it will be designed to work in their favor, not in our citizenry’s favor. True electoral reform is the solution.”

Free and Equal will host an election reform conference in Chicago dedicated to providing a forum for grassroots activists disenfranchised from the two party system to discuss common goals and strategies for electoral reform.

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