LewRockwell.com – April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012
Spike Lee’s Zimmerman Tweet
Was it criminal? Article by Walter Block.
Political Monsters and Us
Joe Sobran on evil.
The Regime Wants To Abolish Cash
The better to control us, says Gary North.
The Greatest Story Ever Told
About spying. Article by Eric Margolis.
Libertarians Who Are Pro-War
Aren’t libertarians, says Anthony Gregory.
The 2012 Version of Candidate Warren Harding
Is that Ron Paul? Article by Bob Wenzel.
A Public or a Private Affair?
Protect your family’s financial secrecy with a living trust, says Bill Rounds.
The Horrors of State-Run Schools and Schooling
Anthony Wile interviews the amazing Brett Veinotte.
Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap and Lazy Guy
Mow high, water less, ditch the chemicals, says Paul Wheaton.
It’s Time To Make Peace
With pot, says Paul Armentano.
Joseph Mercola on how toxic solvents make their way into some allegedly healthy foods.