LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, March 31-April 1, 2012

Weekend Edition, March 31-April 1, 2012
North American Police State
And North American rationing, starting Monday. Article by Gary North.
Are You a ‘Socially Dangerous Person’?
Welcome to Soviet America. Article by Will Grigg.
It’s All About Race Now
Pat Buchanan on the merchants of hate.
The Big Brother Conspiracy
Tracking our every move is big business for the corporate state and its pals, says Jesse Ventura.
Use Cash
If you want freedom, says Charles Goyette.
More US Aggression Against Mexico
This time, the CIA’s drug war. Article by Jorge Gato.
Wine Tastes Bad
The news is a joke, and so are vacations and the food pyramid. Admit it, says James Altucher.
Who Wants the Media’s Help?
They hate the Ron Paul movement, says Allan Stevo.
What Else Will the Feds Force Us to Buy at Gunpoint?
Green cars, life insurance? Health ‘insurance’ is the camel’s nose, says Eric Peters.
‘Strap On Your AKs… Let’s Start a Riot’
Rap song charges ‘white man’ with murder. Article by Mac Slavo.
Fat Is Delicious
Since going primal, I eat until I’m full, work out less, and am thin.
There’s Nothing Wrong With the Planet – the Planet Is Fine!
The great George Carlin on Algorean baloney. (NB: Bad language, of course).