LewRockwell.com – March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
The 51% Hooey
Butler Shaffer on the violence of democracy.
The Beginnings of WW3
Gerald Celente on Iran and currency and trade wars.
Forget ‘Profiling’
The high crime rate among blacks is wrecking the black community, says Walter Williams.
‘I Could Look Like George Zimmerman’
Bob Wenzel on justice in Obamaland.
Ron Paul Upsets Santorum in Missouri Caucuses
Buoyed by a huge youth turnout. Article by Hamdan Azhar.
The Cult of Government Supremacy
And Trayvon Martin. Article by Will Grigg.
Countries I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in
And those I love. Jeff Berwick on finding your place.
Did Geraldo Have a Point?
About the hoodie, asks Thomas Sowell.
He Should Just Shut Up
Pat Buchanan on Obama and racial conflict.
The Greatest Libertarian Movie Ever?
Go see the extraordinary anti-state, anti-war Hunger Games. And read the book. Article by Raven Clabough.
Stop Forcing Boys To Behave Like Little Ladies
Segregate the sexes in the classroom, say Brett and Kate McKay.
Can You Name the Only Internal Organ That Regenerates Itself?
Margaret Durst on how and why you must take good care of your liver.