Free and Equal: Sheriffs, Please Awaken!

Sheriffs, Please Awaken!

March 23, 2012
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When our prominent federal officials default on their obligation to provide Constitutionally limited government, the last line of defense lies in our elected county sheriffs. Even when politicians sell out our liberty to cadres of corrupt special interests, county sheriffs, and the peace officers that serve under them, can still act as a firewall against their abuses.

Since sheriffs and peace officers swear oaths directly to The Constitution, as the overreach of the federal government expands, they face a conflict of duty and conscience in enforcing new federal dictates. In response to these difficulties, some sheriffs and peace officers have formed the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

Headed by former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, a current Congressional candidate in Texas’ 21st district, the association aims to create support among government officials struggling to preserve their oath to the Constitution against growing federal pressure.

In 1997, Sheriff Mack and Sheriff Jay Printz of Montana challenged and defeated provisions of the Brady Act, which forced local law enforcement to conduct federally mandated background checks on gun applicants. With the introduction of laws legalizing indefinite military detention, an endless destructive drug war, and even crackdowns on farmers who sell milk, the need for principled law enforcement is more pressing than ever.

“What we need right now is a peaceful movement uniting both the left and the right against of the erosion of our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties.” said Sheriff Mack. “As part of this effort, sheriffs and peace officers sworn to uphold the Constitution can, should, and will be the dedicated defenders of the people’s rights.  When law enforcement sets a high standard by critically examining the constitutionality of their own actions, there is an essential protection against the abuse of power.”

Law enforcement today is increasingly forced to make tough Constitutional and ethical judgments. We citizens should support those local officers who courageously stand up for liberty.

Christina Tobin, founder and chair of ‘The Free and Equal Elections Foundation’ attended CSPOA’s annual convention January 30th in Las Vegas, and will attend their April 3rd fundraiser in Buena Park, CA. The Foundation enthusiastically supports Constitutional awareness among law enforcement officers as part of the fight to provide locally elected alternatives to federal control.

Sheriff Mack will speak at an upcoming ‘Free and Equal’ event this summer in Chicago.

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