LewRockwell.com – March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Sociopaths R Us
Doug Casey on the US government.
A Government Lobster Trap
Gary North on your IRA.
If You Meet the Buddha on the Road
Kill him. Charles Goyette on financial and political enlightenment.
Bend the Fed
Bill Sardi on taming our enemy.
Brothers in State and Empire
Bob Wenzel on the CIA and the Ford Foundation.
When Communism Came to America
Herbert Hoover explains in his secret history of WWII.
Burn the Great Library at Alexandria, Again
Stephen Carson on what the minions of ignorance and statism propose.
German Sabotage and the US Drive to War
A revisionist view from Paul Gottfried.
No Cops Around?
It’s exhilerating, and socially beneficial, to circumvent their traffic “laws,” says Eric Peters.
Romney: $8 Trillion More for the Merchants of Death
Prepare for at least 2 more wars if he wins, says Mish Shedlock.
The Real Price of Free Online Services
Kyle Gonzales on what they do with your data.
The Magnesium Oil Miracle
Dr. Mark Sircus on a natural wonder drug.