LewRockwell.com – March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Can the Secret Service Really Tell You To Shut Up?
Andrew Napolitano on Police State USA.
Racial Quota Fallout
Thomas Sowell on Derrick Bell and Obama.
The Crane/Cato Apparatus
And Murray Rothbard’s open letter.
Ron, the Crooked Republicans Are Unworthy of You
Go 3rd party, says Justin Raimondo.
Want To Learn To Work on Cars?
Here’s an easy primer from Eric Peters.
The Origin and Evil of Compulsory Schooling
An eye-opening seminar with John Taylor Gatto.
Give Us, O Fed, High Interest Rates
Peter Schiff on healing the economy.
How To Experience Las Vegas
As a man. Article by Joe Weber.
Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?
Denise Minger on State-sponsored “science.”
How Much Toxic Fluoride Is in Your Food?
Due to fluoride-based pesticides, it can be 180 times greater than the amount in your water, says Joseph Mercola.