LP Presidential Candidate Voter Guide

The printed edition incorrectly titles Wes Wagner’s responses as “Questions for the LNC Chair Candidates”

All announced candidates (with publicly posted email addresses) for the LP Presidential nomination, as of February 29, were sent the following questions.

1) Congress routinely passes bills that are hundreds of pages long and contain multiple unrelated sections. Some examples being the “indefinite detention provision” of the National Defense Authorization Act; a provision to ban online gambling added into the 2006 SAFE Port Act and REAL ID (which failed to pass on it’s own merit) added to a military spending bill. If elected President, would you urge Congress to stop this practice?
Why or why not?
If yes, would you urge Congress to pass the One Subject at a Time Act?

2) Many bills – especially the “major legislation” – are hundreds of pages long and many are not finalized until hours before being brought up for a vote, thus giving Congressmen little time to read the bill. Do you believe that Congress should read the bills that they vote on?
Why or why not?
If yes; would you urge Congress to pass the Read the Bills Act, which would require bills to be read in full on the floor of both houses of Congress and posted online at least seven days before being brought up for a vote?

3) The U.S. military currently has troops in 158 nations (not counting military personnel at Embassies) with undeclared “wars” in at least a half-dozen countries. Do you support the continued presence of military around the world?
Why or why not?
If yes; please explain how this ensures “freedom” (even though the Congress has passed laws that have destroyed the Bill of Rights) and does not create enemies?

4) The Congress has been passing legislation to infringe on the individual rights of people for decades. Do you support a repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act and FISA?
Do you support abolishing the NSA, TSA, CIA and any other federal agency that infringes on individual rights?
Why or why not?

5) Before the creation of the Federal Reserve, inflation was virtually non-existent in the United States; since it was created and given a monopoly on creation of currency, the value of the U.S. Dollar has declined 97%. Do you support abolishing legal tender laws that force people to use the Federal Reserve Note instead of a commodity backed currency of their choice?
Do you support auditing and/or abolishing the Federal Reserve?
Why or why not?

6) Do you have a plan to balance the federal budget and reduce the size, scope and power of the federal government? If so, what is your plan?
If not; why not?
What is your opinion of repealing the 16th Amendment and thus repealing the federal income tax?
If in favor, how do you propose funding the federal government?

7) Do you support allowing citizens of the several territories of these United States of America to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to become a State or an independent country?
Why or why not?
Do you support extending this right of self-determination to members of Native American Indian tribes? Why or why not?

8) Since Congress is authorized by Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution of these United States to create federal election law, would you urge Congress to pass a federal ballot access law which eases the requirements for placing a minor party and/or independent candidate on the ballot for Congress and President?
Why or why not?
If yes, what is your ideal ballot access requirement?

Candidates were asked to provide answers of no more than 125 words per question, no later than April 15. Candidate responses are posted in the order in which they were received.

Mosheh Thezion

1) This ‘One Subject At A Time Act’ is completely reasonable and would have my full support, and I would sign it.

2) This ‘Read The Bills Act’ is perfectly reasonable and would have my full support, and I would sign it.

3) This is a difficult balance and if.. if.. our nation was promoting actual freedom, and actual sovereign free nations which promote freedom, then it would all be great…. nation building can be great… but… that is not what we have been doing… we have been using our military force to push an agenda of WTO elite billionaires who own and run the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF… they run the world and wars, and use our nation to push a false freedom, of civil liberties, which was instigated in 1938… when they robbed all Americans of real freedom..
Read and wake up.

4) Of course I do… but to fix it.. you must understand how they did it.. how they made it possible to pull this crap… to understand… please read…

5) Of course I do. in fact… I offer detailed solution plans for the whole damn problem… and we could make it happen if media people like you… got off your butt, and pushed this simple solution to the debt.
see —> http://mosheh.org/Currency.html

6) Yes I favor restoring all constitutional limits as it was before 1933. You need to read… —> http://mosheh.org/THE-ISSUES.html
I offer a fully detailed step by step plan to solve the debt.
You need to read it study it and ask questions.

7) Native Americans are already separate if they want to be… to suggest allowing states or counties to leave the Union is madness.
United we are strong.
Divided and we can easily fall.
I will oppose any break down.
In fact… we should turn other nations into states… if anything.

8) No… because as a candidate, it is clear.. it is not that hard, if you can muster support… muster support is the key part.
I would favor equal air time for all candidates on local and national channels and the internet to allow the people to decide between the candidates based on words and real detail instead of based on who can spend more on ads I would not eliminate ads. I would simply ask C-span to hold neutral debates, of ALL candidates over and over as they are able to do so. That would be fair equal air time equal exposure.

Jim Burns

1) I will not read and I will veto anything passed by Congress that is longer than 8 pages 12 point font. I will only read one bill per day unless the bill repeals current “laws”.

2) I will not read and I will veto anything passed by Congress that is longer than 8 pages 12 point font. I will only read one bill per day unless the bill repeals current “laws”.

3) No.
The proper purpose of the United States military is to protect the people of the United States from foreign attack. Foreign bases and a large standing military are the enemies of liberty because they must be paid for. To pay for the military requires taxation and/or other forms of coercion. An alternative is found in the second amendment which points out that militia are necessary to the security of a free state. Militia should be voluntary and the members should provide their own weapons (keep and bear arms) and equipment: Thereby bring the reduction of coercion and better security.

4) There is nothing patriotic about the “Patriot Act”. It violates the Constitution and does not bring the results even its advocates would consider satisfactory. There is nothing intelligent about The Central Intelligence Agency. Anything now done by the CIA that is of value should be done in time of war by the military.

5) The “Federal Reserve” is the largest fraud that has ever been committed in human history. Some bankers, politicians and bureaucrats acting in concert with the FED have stolen the value of our money for their own power and profit and in so doing have stolen our wealth and prosperity. The FED must be abolished as soon as the power to do so is achieved. The answer is not to continue this fraud, rather the Treasury Department must follow the Constitution and may only issue currency backed by gold and silver AND that all legal tender laws must be abolished. Legal tender laws are unconstitutional and I will not enforce them.

6) The personal Income tax is unconstitutional and I would uphold my oath of office and not enforce it.
Upholding the oath of office, I would not enforce unconstitutional laws, rules, and edits of the politicians and bureaucrats of Washington DC. These actions should reduce the unjust and unconstitutional size and power of the politicians and bureaucrats and allow the proper role of government to protect our lives, liberty and pursuit of our own goals and happiness.
I believe these actions should reduce the size of government by approximately ninety percent. Proper funding of the government could be achieved with the Corporate Income Tax and Corporate Tariffs. The Corporate Income Tax currently constitutes approximately ten percent of the income of the US government.
Corporations are not people and have no rights and exist at the whim of the government. Corporations receive special privileges of, among other things, the limitation of liability and responsibility. While corporations exist, they should finance the government.
Those who hold US debt should be last in line to receive payment. Holders of the debt made a voluntary choice to purchase those bonds in the hope of profit. When people make a bad investment, they should take the loss. Payment of the debt should not be made using improper coercion (current taxation) which violates human rights.

7) …”We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and Happiness…” Thomas Jefferson. I agree

8) The Congress makes the laws. The President should not allow unconstitutional laws, rules, and edits of the politicians and bureaucrats of Washington DC to be enforced. I would advocate laws which promote equal right under the law and open government:
“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” – Patrick Henry
I would abolish the Federal Election Commission.

R. Lee Wrights

1) Yes. I would urge Congress to only present me bills that dealt with one subject. Whether they do that or not, I would actually read the entire text of all the bills Congress sends me before I sign them. And if I find anything in any part of the bill that authorizes an activity, program or expenditure that is not clearly among the specific and enumerated powers granted to Congress under the U.S. Constitution, I will veto the entire bill.

2) Yes, I would urge members of Congress to follow my example and read the entire text of the bills they are considering. Having each member of Congress read the bills is more important than the symbolic act of reading them publicly on the floors of both Houses. But what is of paramount importance is convincing Congress to only consider and pass bills that deal with the specific and enumerated powers delegated to it under the U.S. Constitution.

3) The first thing I will do upon taking office is to issue a Declaration of Peace. My first order of business will be to disengage the United States from the tangle of misguided, immoral and unconstitutional conflicts we’re embroiled in by using the same authority and power as Commander-in-Chief so many presidents have abused to get us mired in these quagmires in the first place. By inauguration day, I expect the Joint Chiefs of Staff will have a plan ready for a phased withdrawal of all U.S. troops from combat areas within 90 days, and for the complete removal of U.S. troops from non-combat areas, including Korea, Japan and Germany, within one year. During this process, I’ll make it clear to the world – friend and foe alike – that we’ll respond to any attack on our forces with whatever means is necessary to safeguard our troops.
War breeds war. That’s all it can do. Peace breeds prosperity. History teaches us that the key elements to prosperity are freedom and peace. You do not go to war with people you like, or with people you know, or with people with whom you are trading and doing business.

4) Yes, I support abolishing any and all federal agencies that infringe on individual rights. In the Lee Wrights Administration, no unconstitutional law will be enforced. The PATRIOT Act and FISA are two particularly egregious examples of this. Should I be elected, the oath I will take as president, nearly the same oath I swore to when I enlisted in the U. S. Air Force, will bind me to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States …” I intend to live up to that oath. As president, I will not enforce any unconstitutional law, nor will I allow anyone in my administration to enforce unconstitutional laws.

5) Yes. I support abolition of all legal tender laws. That’s the first and most significant thing we can do to control inflation and end the abuses of the Federal Reserve System. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress to right to “coin money and regulate the value thereof.” It does not give the federal government the power to print money, and certainly not to give such a power to a semi-private agency like the Federal Reserve, an agency that is not accountable to anyone. I also favor returning to a sound money system where our currency is backed by something of value (gold or silver) and thus cannot be continuously inflated.

6) My budget plan is simple: stop spending. My goal will be to reduce the federal budget by at least 50 percent in four years. To implement this plan, the people I select as cabinet secretaries or to head any federal agency will be tasked to either phase out their agency in four years, or reduce its budget by at least 50 percent. Ultimately, I hope to reduce the cabinet to the original four departments: State, Defense, Justice and Treasury. In this process, I’d also propose legislation to end all federal taxes other than those the federal government is Constitutionally empowered to collect: tariffs and excise taxes. I would advocate ending the income tax and replace it with nothing.

7) Yes. The fundamental individual right to self-government begins with being able to decide what kind of government they want in the first place. All U.S. territories should, therefore, vote for independence or statehood. As president, I would also recognize that the Native American tribes are actually sovereign, independent nations, and I would work to restore and honor the treaty obligations of the United States towards these nations.

8) State ballot access laws are the product of the stranglehold on power exercised by two reigning political parties over all their competition. Most of these statutes are undeniably discriminatory in nature, as they are designed to put restrictions specifically on all third parties by establishing limits that are easily attainable by the two “major” parties, but very difficult for smaller third-party organizations. My ideal for a ballot access requirement for anyone seeking a federal office is simply the qualifications established in the U.S. Constitution. As president, I would propose legislation to Congress to eliminate all other state restrictions on ballot access for federal candidates.

Leroy Saunders

1) Yes! Things get accomplished in the real by putting things in order and systematically working your way through them. Occasionally you can accomplish 2 things at once hence; the term “two birds with one stone” I would even go a step further and add that the bill should be no more than 1-2 pages long. This cause of action will not only provide transparency by exposing pork and earmarks, but it will afford the members of Congress time to actually read the bill before it will not allow you to bury pork and other earmarks in the bill if it is only two pages long. Congress will operate more efficiently because more things can get done. Read the bill take a vote and move on.

2) Yes Common sense how are you going to vote on something and you have no idea what you are voting on? This is how things get pushed through Congress because no one has time to read the bill in its entirety. This is an example of the dysfunction in Washington. They purposely wait til the last minute to put the bill together to take a vote knowing full well there is not enough time for members of Congress to read hundreds of pages in a few hours. By making it one or two pages now the bill can be thoroughly reviewed by every member of Congress. This cause of action also allows members of Congress to raise objections without passing bills blindly.The fact that you have to ask this question is the very essence of incompetence that plaques our government and is taking place in Washington. Members of Congress should read bills before agreeing to pass it! Again here is where common sense SHOULD come into play. I do believe the bill should be posted online for the American people to see what our politicians are up to. The seven days before being brought up for vote would not be necessary under my administration because the bill would only be one or two pages long. So even if the bill is brought up at the last minute the bill is only one or two pages long therefore providing sufficient time for the bill to be reviewed.

3) No! This is a huge expense that we can no longer afford. Plus if it is deemed necessary then let those who claim they need our troops pay for them. That is the only way for you to truly no if a foreign nation needs our troops because they are willing to pay to keep them there. Also this goes along way towards changing our image because if Nations are paying our troops to be in their country then we can no longer be seen as occupiers. Not only were we invited but we are being paid to be there. I would prefer America extinguishes the current view of militarism therefore allowing American to be seen as a Nation of peace.

4) Seeing the bodies falling from the World Trade Centers live and up close and running from the huge clouds of pollution, if I could listen to a phone call without Americans knowing and advert Sept 11th? I am not so sure that I wouldn’t do it. For this same line of reasoning I would not get rid of the NSA and CIA. It would be naive to think America doesn’t have existential threats. The NSA and CIA along with the FBI are on the front lines battling terrorist. We need surveillance which gives us the ability to PREVENT terrorist attacks. American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world and that means minding our own business.

5) No [I do not support abolishing legal tender laws].Absolutely support auditing the Federal Reserve which is why I would nominate Ron Paul as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. I don’t know about abolishing the Federal Reserve because this is not the 1800’s when Andrew Jackson abolished the Central bank. They have become extremely powerful and entrenched in every aspect of our government and economy. However a more viable plan would be to significantly reduce their role in America’s financial matters. When I say reduce I mean end all dealings with the Fed. For a nation that has the ability to print its own money why do we need to borrow from the Federal Reserve? Government should not incur debt, which burdens future generations without their consent.

6) No I have a plan for creating a surplus! Stabilize the Housing Market. Create more revenue by reducing the tax base for all Americans by 50%. Close all tax loopholes. Reduce Medicare/Medicaid spending by 50%. Reduce military spending by 50%. Bring all troops stationed abroad home. Close down the DEA, FDA, TSA, the Dept of Commerce, the Dept of Education, the Dept of Energy, the Dept of Homeland Security and the Dept of Interior. Cut government wasteful spending by 2.5 trillion. Take the money we were spending on cuts and government reductions and divert this money into creating jobs by repairing our roads and bridges.
Who wants to pay taxes? All persons are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor, which is why I oppose any legal requirements forcing employers to serve as tax collectors. However our system has become too dependent on the current financial structure and we cannot just simply overnight without a viable plan in place to compensate for things we have come to depend on our taxes to pay like road, bridges, schools, Police and Fire Dept. This is why I want to reduce the taxes by 50% and gradually over time reduce it even lower to 10% with no deductions, while simultaneously reducing the size of government.

7) No! Then if that’s the case Texas would have left the Union and became their own country.
Native Americans have their own lands however it is still part of the United States. They do not get the right to rename or become another country

8) Yes! Any and all political parties or organizations that have over two million registered voters within their party or organization shall have equal access to the ballot in every state. As President I will allow any political party or organization that meets the above criteria the opportunity to place the candidate of their choice on the ballot throughout the country for any and all elections and establish their own rules for nomination procedures, primaries and conventions. We must have equality when it comes to ballot access if we are to maintain a true democracy and our freedom. How can the average American obtain freedom if the average American is not allowed to participate in the decisions that govern their lives?

Joy Waymire

1) YES
So each bill is passed based on a Single provision; not multiple ones that have no bearing to the original bill.

2) YES
Unless Congress knows the bill in its entirety; what they are voting upon; they cannot make a true decision; unaware of other provisions that have been lumped in.

3) NO
You cannot extend the “Olive branch of Peace” with a military presence to enforce it; an oxymoron. Conflict begets conflict.
When we treat All Nations and People with respect for their Individuality and Cultures, instead of forcing our ways upon them (passing judgment), then we can set aside our differences and come together for the Common Good of All mankind. Through education and leading by example, over a show of force, can build teamwork & unity around the world.

4) YES
Government was begun to protect the rights of its citizens and the Nation’s borders from attack. But in time, government has taken more and more freedoms away. I support abolishing any & all organizations, licenses, laws, etc., that infringe on the people’s right to choose.

5) YES
To restore a sound monetary system backed by gold, silver or other precious commodities. Before the Federal Reserve, the government balanced their budget according to what funds had been collected that year. But with the Federal Reserve granting un-reigned credit, they have over time, bloated the budget; putting this Nation into financial disaster.

6) Institute Term Limits & Per Diem pay for Congress, Close all foreign bases – reduce troops to that needed to protect our borders, Eliminate useless departments in government; such as Education, Commerce, etc., Eliminate pensions for elected service, Stop the war on drugs – Make prisons self-supporting, Eliminate long term government financial aid services; replaced by charities, foundations & local organizations; to be accomplished over a 4 year period.
I completely agree; but would have to be phased out over a 4 year period as well.
With the reduction of the size and scope of government, at the end of four years, government should be able to function on what has been collected; keeping a budget that fits with the means, not by how much credit is available.

7) YES
Again, this is a matter of “Freedom of Choice”. Each territory should have the right to make the decision themselves. Decided by its People, not government’s.
YES. For the same reasons stated above

8) YES
There should be no restrictions to ballot access or media coverage. To maintain strict requirements, infringes on the Freedom of Choice of its people.
There should be NO requirement other than to Declare Candidacy, as long as the candidate meets the requirements for the specific office they are seeking.

Ralph Beach, RJ Harris, Gary Johnson, Roger Gary, James Ogle, Scott Keller, Dave Redick, Carl Person, Bill Still, Sam Sloan & Robert Milnes did not submit answers.

The three declared candidates for LNC Chair, as of March 15, were emailed the following questions.

1) Why are you running for LP Chair?

2) What are your qualifications?

3) Why should someone vote for you?

4) Do you support a top-down or bottom-up approach to political activism? How will this affect how you act in your role as Chair?

5) Would you be willing to work with other minor parties on press releases and events that promote the general ideas of freedom & liberty?

Candidates were asked to provide answers of no more than 125 words per question, no later than April 15. Candidate responses are posted in the order in which they were received.

Wes Wagner

1) I first registered Libertarian in 1999 when I moved to Oregon. In 2001 I was contacted by the national party and asked to become a dues-paying member. During my decade of observing the apparatus of the party and its membership, it has become quite clear to me that the party has abandoned its core and has attempted to move its center of gravity somewhere beyond the edge of its foundation.
Of the candidates running for chair, one is determined to continue down this path that is destined for further failure – and at a minimum – the other has been incapable of convincing others that the path is unwise.
When confronted by two poor choices, opt for a third choice.

2) I have served as chairperson of the Libertarian Party of Oregon on multiple occasions, vice-chairperson, Clackamas County chairperson. Beyond that, I know my limitations and surround myself with good people. I am familiar with Robert’s Rules, but I am not an expert – which is why I have asked Mr. Weston to run as party Secretary.
Further, I have an MBA and understand fundamentally that our party is not in alignment with the market space we serve. Our market, as a party, is a niche market at the moment. Some people advocate expanding into other markets, but those markets are better served by our competitors.
Our path to victory is to grow the size of our market that we participate in.

3) Because I believe that our organization has been headed in the wrong direction for nearly a decade and our membership numbers reflect it. The organization needs a substantial change in direction and that requires bringing in leadership form the outside to establish a new culture.

4) As will become evident at the convention where I will distribute my framework for organizational change, I fully support and advocate the empowerment of our membership. Our members should possess both the means and the responsibility for determining what the definition of success is and how it is to be achieved.
As chair I will encourage everyone to collaborate with our affiliates and members to set priorities and performance measures. Further I advocate an increase in accessibility and transparency and would like to establish telecommunications feeds of all our party functions.
The days of closed doors and committees must end.

5) Yes, provided that our political interests are truly aligned.
Further, we should be reaching out to other third parties to collaborate on areas where we have a common cause more than we do, such as: ballot access, instant run-off voting, fighting top-two, advocating proportional representation systems, etc.
There are many avenues for political victory and some of them involve changing the rules of the game rather than trying to assault the problem directly.
These strategies can be utilized without sacrificing our principles.

Mark Hinkle and Mark Rutherford did not submit answers