LewRockwell.com – March 7, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Open Your Veins for the State
Peter Schiff on fascist taxation.
Liberty: The Forgotten Cause
From a 1998 private conference, Ron Paul challenges all who want a free society. A classic!
Why Evangelicals Dislike Ron Paul
They want Armageddon. Article by John Basil Utley.
Energy Autarky
At what cost to you? Article by Bill Sardi.
Approved Hate Crime
Anti-Catholicism flourishes in Obamaland. Article by Pat Buchanan.
3 Steps To Handling a Subpoena
How to protect your privacy from one of the most invasive legal tools. Article by Bill Rounds.

The Vaccination War on Children and Parents
Governments ignore opt-out instructions. Article by Dave Bohon.

Buying Gold and Silver as Part of Prepping
First, learn the basics about precious metals.
Spending Too Much Time in the Kitchen?
Make healthier meals without working too hard. Article by Thorin Klosowski.
Where Do You Start When Everything Has Been Lost?
6 tips to get your life back in order. Article by Lisa Bedford.
Put Yourself in the Recipient’s Shoes
How to write an email that will actually get a response. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.
Did a SuperMoon Sink the Titanic?
A once-in-two-lifetimes lunar event may have been the cause, says Rob Waugh.