LewRockwell.com – March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
The Best Job I Ever Had
What I learned can promote your career, too, says Gary North.
Murray Rothbard’s Strategic Vision Was Right
As the Koch lawsuit against Ed Crane and Cato shows, says Tom DiLorenzo.
How Does Anyone Make a Living These Days?
Bill Sardi on the real American economy, not the destructive lies of government and media.
It Usually Ends With Ed Crane
Classic Murray Rothbard on what went wrong at Cato.
6 Reasons Not To Go to College
You become poorer and less educated. Article by James Altucher.
Hitler Was a Protectionist
Walter Williams on government interference in trade.
A Biblical Case for Ron Paul
On 4 issues important to Christians. Article by Michael Eversden.
How Do You Ferret Out the Truth?
In a fascist country like this one. Article by Jack Douglas.
Make the Best of the Ice Age
Have primal meals ready to eat. Mark Sisson on how.
It Sleeps With the Fishes
Or the electric eels. Gov’t Motors unplugs the flammable Chevy Volt. Article by Eric Peters.
USA #1?
40 embarrassing areas where that’s true.
You Are What You Eat
And your health or lack of it depends on your digestion, says Margaret Durst.