LewRockwell.com – March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012
Dim Light, Long Tunnel
Gary North on what’s ahead for the middle-class, but why everything is NOT lost.
Hey, Democrats: Did Obama Let You Down?
There’s still hope, says Bretigne Shaffer. Meet Ron Paul.
What’s In His Portfolio?
Marc Faber on gold, asset classes, and geography.
Murray Rothbard vs. Ed Crane
What goes around comes around, says Skip Oliva.
Say No to Government ‘Doctoring’
Staying out of their clutches is another reason to get in shape, says Eric Peters.
Desperate Predator
The British government loots flea markets. Article by Simon Black.
Red-Headed, Celtic Mummies in China
Europeans settled there 4,000 years ago.
No Roadkill Stew
Matt Moore cooks up bison burgers, elk steak, and other game.
Where Are the Voices Against a Monstrous War on Iran?
Only paid warmongers allowed. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
Turning the Table on the Snoops
Now internet users can watch who is spying on them.