Fed Chairman Bernanke meets the Silver Circle

Ron Paul Flashes Silver Circle at Fed Chairman Bernanke During Testimony

For immediate release 03-01-12

Contact: Megan Duffield, megan@lineplot.com | 617-864-8300 x122

This is no handy working of Photoshop. During Ben Bernanke’s testimony to the Committee on Financial Services yesterday, Congressman Ron Paul responded to the Chairman’s typical Keynesian explanations by showing the world and Congress what real money is. While speaking, Ron Paul lifted up a shiny, one troy ounce Silver Circle from the upcoming, Boston based film: Silver Circle.

News sources everywhere including Forbes, and many from the liberty community, ran with the story. However the round was mentioned many times incorrectly. Some referred to it as an “American Eagle” and others a “Buffalo”. We are here to set the record straight. Ron Paul laid the sound money smack down on Bernanke by showing him a Silver Circle Round from the film hitting theaters this August.

We gave Ron Paul a one-ounce round last January when we met him in Houston, TX at a Ludwig Von Mises event. He must be carrying it around in his pocket!

We’re so honored to have the champion of sound money and presidential candidate, Ron Paul, holding our movie’s silver. We hope to touch lives and inspire others to become educated on sound money, much like Dr. Paul has. So if you are reading this Dr. Paul, thank you so much!

If you are interested in buying a Silver Circle, visit our store at www.SilverCircleMovie.com/Store or find us at our next event www.SilverCircleMovie.com/Events



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