LewRockwell.com – February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012
Is Democracy Bunk?
Andrew Napolitano on the central doctrine in the American civic religion.
Peaceful Republic or Vicious Empire?
That is the choice, says Mike Rozeff.
Bring the Troops Home
And dismantle the empire, if we want America to survive, says Pat Buchanan.
Stupid Rule, Stupid Republicans
Laurence Vance on the gift tax.
Envy-Driven ‘Fairness’ Taxes
This is one way Obama will crush the economy, says Bill Sardi.
Why Fear Gold?
Even 100% of your portfolio in gold can make perfect sense, says Jeff Berwick.
The Magic of ’50s Suburbia
Before the nanny state and political correctness.
Are You Scientifically Literate?
Take the quiz and see.
Don’t Sell Your Gold
When somebody starts bombing Iran, everything except gold will go down for a while, says Jim Rogers.
How To Increase Your Productivity 500%
James Altucher on the 9 principles.
There’s No Excuse Not To Eat Chocolate
Mark Sisson on the many health benefits of the delicious, dark, high-cacao treat.