LewRockwell.com – February 20, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012
Down With the Presidency
(How we need Ron Paul to take it apart.) Article by Lew Rockwell.
Hard-Boiled Self-Publishing
Fred Reed on how to circumvent – easily – the dying dinosaurs of books.
A Nutcase History of Libertarianism
Invented by a Greenbacker. Article by Gary North.
Pay Up or Die
Laurence Vance on taxes and the laughable excuses for them.
Jim Rogers: Pay No Attention to Governments
They’re your deadly enemies as an investor (and otherwise). Article by Bob Wenzel.
Chained and Naked
Bill Rounds on how taking out a loan exposes you to pecuniary predators.
Cricket Scampi?
Justin Rohrlich of the future of bug-eating.
Don’t Look at These Ads
They’re too politically incorrect.
From Riches to Rags
Lessons learned from surviving the real estate boom, bust, foreclosures, and bankruptcy.
Know What You Believe and Have the Guts To Live It
How and why every man should write a personal manifesto. Article by Zack Sumner.
The Imminent Neocon War
And it’s not Iran. Article by Taki.
Lost Fat, Avoided Knee Surgery, Wore a Bikini Again
That and so much more happened when Pamela Matthews and family went primal.