A Reply to Inquiries about the BTP

As chair of a minor political party, I occasionally get emails from people with inquiries about the party. I normally respond to these messages privately, however I recently received two emails with inquiries that were really just anti-libertarian talking points. The messages are posted below as I received them:

“just why do you want to shut down the fed? how about removing troops? i’ll be a part of the unemployed if you succeed, that would look great for a presidential campaign, wouldn’t it? laws put in place that ‘intrude on privacy’ are put there to prevent another 9/11 from happening, want one of those on your records?”
“you and your fellow partymen are truly insane. you need a military to protect the country from events like 9/11, remember that???? you have two chioces (sic), you can stand behind our troops or you can feel free to stand in front of them.”

I will do my best to respond to these messages and the questions asked.

Why do I want to shut down the fed?
Quite simply, I oppose central banking. To go a little further, I oppose any business or agency having a government backed monopoly over any industry or service. Not only do I want the Federal Reserve abolished, I would like to see the postal monopoly removed, energy monopolies repealed and all other government backed monopolies repealed. If this is truly the “land of the free” then people should be free to choose what currency to use, who delivers their mail, and how they get electricity and every other good and service.

Why do I want to bring home the troops?
There are several reasons I want the troops brought home. First, there is no legitimate reason to have troops stationed around the world. Keeping troops around the world is just one way in which the federal government flexes its muscle as “Policeman of the World.”
Secondly, there is no evidence that keeping troops around the world “keeps us safe.” However, there is evidence that invading countries and keeping troops around the world creates more enemies.
Finally, the federal government directly spends over $600 billion per year on “defense” (which includes the cost of keeping approximately 369,000 American troops in 159 foreign nations and territories) and nearly $1 trillion total on foreign policy.

Regarding the comments about military protecting the country from “events like 9/11,” I will ask: “If the military is supposed to protect us from these events, why did they happen in the first place?” Some people will say that the federal government was involved in 9/11, others say that the federal government allowed 9/11 to happen, while other people say that 9/11 happened because “we’re free.” After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the federal government had the vast majority of Japanese-Americans arrested and placed in “internment camps” due to the fear that they were spies. During both World War I & II many people of German descent were arrested for the “crime” of speaking German in public. None of these infringements on individual rights kept anyone safe. Instead, such laws and the laws passed since 9/11 to “intrude on privacy” are only creating criminals; not because people are terrorists, but rather because they unknowingly violate a law.

I will not respond to the hyperbolic suggestion that I stand in front of the troops.

As a supporter of voluntary association, I support your right to live in a country with a tyrannical government; I simply ask that you do not force your government on me!