LewRockwell.com – February 17, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012
I’ve Been Blacklisted!
Pat Buchanan is fired by MSNBC.
Want To Stop the Next Hitler?
Follow a Ron Paulian foreign policy. Article by Bill Walker.
The Global Attack on Property Rights
But are they better protected in Vietnam and China than the US? Article by Will Grigg.
Fishier and Fishier
Tom Eddlem on the votes in Maine.
Who the Heck Is Obama?
We know zero about him or his past, which is highly suspicious. Article by Doug Casey.
Are You Anti-Authoritarian?
Both Republicans and Democrats (or liberals and conservatives) seek authoritarian collectivism, says Eric Peters.
Into an Inflationary Depression Worse Than Europe’s
Peter Schiff on where the Keynesians are driving us.
The Devil Made Me Do It?
8 reasons you may act against your own better judgment. Article by Mark Sisson.
I’m Rooting for Barack
I’ve seen what happens when you elect a principle-free, big government, crony-capitalist, says James Delingpole.
Electric Cars Are Far Dirtier
Than gasoline autos. Article by Anthony Watts.
Prepping Basics
5 good ideas from Lisa Bedford.