LewRockwell.com – February 15, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Handcuffed and Kidnapped in Palm Springs
Stalked by a gang of cops for drinking in a bar, then walking down the street. Article by Jeff Berwick.
Don’t Just Survive, Thrive
Tess Pennington talks to Lew about how to make the most of your prepper resources.
No More 99¢ Store?
Bill Sardi on the coming runaway inflation in China.
Neocon Marching Orders
On to Tehran! Or is it Damascus? Article by Pat Buchanan.
Fascist and Furious
Becky Akers on the TSA’s PreCheck.
Another Angle
On the illegals, from Fred Reed.
6 Things You Should Never Tell a Car Salesman
Let him do all the talking; don’t show your hand, says Eric Peters.
US Allied With al-Qaeda Again
This time against Syria. Article by Russ Baker.
A Free Society Is a Welfare Society
Paul Green on Ron Paul as an enemy of poverty and want.
Return of the Keyboard Chickenhawks
Neocons want more mountains of corpses. Article by Pepe Escobar.
The Rapunzel Number
We can now predict the shape of any ponytail, solving a math problem first posed by Leonardo da Vinci.
How To Make Eye Contact the Right Way
In business and in life, more isn’t always better, say Brett and Kate McKay.