Darryl W. Perry named Rebel of the Week

Let the rebellion begin! They say the best art imitates life, but it’s way cooler when life imitates art. This week liberty activist, author and Silver Circle fan got the Rebel symbol tattooed on his forearm making him part a select circle of elite fans of Silver Circle, and our Rebel of the Week.

Darryl Perry is the owner and managing editor of Free Patriot Press, an independent alternative media / publishing company dedicated to “ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT” and giving new authors a freedom friendly venue to publish their work. He’s also the founder of LAVA (Libertarian, Agorist, Voluntaryist & Anarch Authors & Publishers Association) which helps authors promote their books and other published material.

Perry is also an author himself. His book Duopoly: How the Republicrats Control the Electoral Process was even reviewed by liberty heavyweight Ron Paul who said:

“Darryl Perry has produced a comprehensive examination of the ways in which ballot access laws, campaign finance ‘reform’, gerrymandering, and other restrictions limited participation in the electoral process. I recommend this to anyone interested in learning how the political monopoly arose and what we might do to open the process to new candidates promoting the old idea of liberty both inside and outside the major parties.”

Getting the Rebel Ink makes Perry one of only three Rebels who have gotten the tattoo. The other two are Meg McLain, of TSA protest fame, and our very own Precious Metalhead, Pasha Roberts.

Pasha is the Director, Producer, Digital Compositor and creative mastermind behind LinePlot Productions and the Silver Circle Movie. Meg is a blogger at FreeKeene.com and occasional co-host of Free Talk Live, a nationally syndicated radio show. Meg also sells liberty themed buttons at LibertyFlair.com, which incidentally sells a 1 inch button of the Silver Circle Rebel symbol.

Honorable mentions to Marketing Manager Megan Duffield, Animation Specialist Jenna Montani and Associate Producer Ben Pugh from the Silver Circle crew, but these are just stamped on, not the real ink, so they don’t get the street cred Darryl does.

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