LewRockwell.com – February 3, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012
What Is a Just War?
Nothing the US government does. Article by Andrew Napolitano.
Will Your ‘Check Engine’ Light Rat You Out to Big Brother?
Eric Peters on the bleak outlook for private property, privacy, and the 4th Amendment.
The Next Fall Guy in the Wag-the-Dog Show
Doug Casey on the coming war on Iran, and what it means for your wallet and the world.
I Haven’t Gotten a Cold in 3 Years
James Altucher on the 6 reasons.
Ron Paul: Reactionary or Visionary?
He’s the great champion of peace and fiscal common sense, says Pat Buchanan.
Google Changes Its Privacy Policy
Another reminder to use offshore email, says Simon Black.
The Nightmare Descends on Europe
20 signs that full-blown depression is the reality.
How Basic Can You Get?
Lisa Bedford’s list #1 – the first 4 steps to prepping.
Manly Omelets
Quick, hearty, and classic. Article by Matt Moore.
Eradicate Gobbledygook From Your Vocabulary
The most annoying, useless, and pretentious business jargon.
Inside NYC’s Hellish Leper Colony
A preview of what’s to come? Article by Liz Hazleton.
How Can They Eat So Much Rice and Not Gain Weight?
Mark Sisson explains the primal “Asian Paradox.”