LewRockwell.com – January 30, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012
Endless Agony
Gary North on the fate of the gold procrastinators.
Right-Fascism vs. Left-Fascism
Lew Rockwell talks to RT about the PC range of opinion.
The Reality Show of Politics
Starring the faker Obama. Article by Charles Goyette.
A Primitive Secular State Theocracy
It’s the promised land of American exceptionialists, says Scott Lazarowitz.
Highly Trained Regime Bullies
Bill Anderson on another progressivist legacy.
The Catholic Candidate
It’s Ron Paul, says Walter Block.
Need a Spare Tire? You’ll Get an Aerosol Can
Eric Peters on how the government just made your next car even less safe.
Why Protestants Should Vote for Ron Paul
Let God sweat the small stuff, says Mark Sunwall.
Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists
Tend to be financially illiterate, says Anthony Wile.
The FBI Wants to Follow You on Facebook and Twitter
Wonder whom they’ll ask for help?
The 1st Federal Zombie?
The Architect of the Capitol wanted to reanimate the corpse of George Washington with lamb’s blood.
At 53, I’m Leaner and Stronger Than Ever
How going primal helped me discover my inner kick-butt self.