LewRockwell.com – January 27, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012
Why Peace?
Because it’s what we’re made for. Article by Bretigne Shaffer.
The 3 Biggest Lies
The government is foisting on you. Article by Charles Goyette.
Prepare To Be Shocked
Clyde Wilson on what the Constitution really says.
The Collapse of the Euro and the EU
That’s good news, if you’re prepared. An interview with Doug Casey.
Emperor Palpatine
And his State of the Empire speech. Article by Eric Peters.
The Purchase of a Presidential Candidate
Justin Raimondo on the plutocrat who owns Newt Gingrich.
Include Me Out
The Bruins goalie who refused to be a prop for Obama. Article by Greg Bresiger.
The Age of Kronos
Immanuel Velikovsky on the time Man remembered as an age of bliss.
Why Go Down With the Ship?
Bill Bonner on Francesco Schettino and failed banksters and CEOs.
Italy in Literal Revolt
Against the Keynesian globalists.
Run a Marathon, Write a Book, Build a House
A simple tool for the man who wants to get it done.
Top 6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods
They’re downright therapeutic, says Mark Sisson.