LewRockwell.com – January 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
The Emperor Has No Clothes
And neither does the empire. Article by Kirkpatrick Sale.
The Honor of Ron Paul
In his unassuming way, without priggery or histrionics, he stands alone, says Joe Sobran.
The Murder of JFK and RFK
And the silence of the lambs. Article by Russ Baker.
Are We To Be Spared Nothing?
Justin Raimondo on hysterical warmongers.
The Global Power Elite Has Always Hated Free Markets
Now they aim for full-scale fascism. Article by Bob Wenzel.
How To Have the Force With You
James Altucher on the 7 rules.
Top 20 Screen Deaths
“Real” and fake.
Hands Off the Internet
Ron Paul on State-corporatist censorship.
Is Silver Set To Soar?
That’s why it’s my current asset of choice, says Morris Hubbartt.
Monsters vs. Megaupload
Just another reminder that democracy is an illusion, says Simon Black.
For Clear Arteries and Strong Bones
Take this powerful but little-known antioxidant, says Margaret Durst.