Ron Holland: You’d Have To Be Crazy To Start a Global Business in the USA – As a Public Company

by Ron Holland
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I’ll bet you don’t know that I may be the first person in recorded history to move voluntarily from the warm beach and golf resort of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to cold and snowy Toronto, Canada. But Steve Wynn and many other entrepreneurs forced to deal with the multitude of regulatory agencies at the federal, state and local level would likely agree. America’s growing number of bureaucrats – all with their hand out to exchange fees for paperwork – can make it impossible to compete in the global economy from the US.

“The climate for business is frightening here,” he says, and that’s why he’s moving half his operation to Macau. – Steve Wynn, the entrepreneur who led the rebirth and explosive expansion of the Las Vegas Strip in the early 1990’s.

I’ve been retired for some time from the investment business after years working as the president of a broker/dealer licensed in 47 states. And up until a few weeks ago, I lived just a few steps from a warm-water beach; when not writing on financial and freedom topics, I enjoyed everything the Hilton Head resort lifestyle had to offer. Now I’m in the process of moving to cold Toronto, where I will walk my dog in zero-degree weather instead of on a sunny beach. You might think I’m crazy to have made the move, but read on.

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