LewRockwell.com – January 19, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012
I Wouldn’t Hire Ron Paul
Or Romney, for that matter, says Charles Goyette.
Brewing Up a Fool’s War in the Gulf
Eric Margolis on the US-Israel drive against Iran.
You Can Do Your Own Thing
But in a free society, others have the right to disassociate, says Ben O’Neill.
Coming: World War 3 in the Next 5 Years
Prepare for the worst, says Marc Faber.
The Intellectual Revolution
It’s happening, thanks to Ron Paul, says Gerald Celente.
I Hate Woody Allen
But I learned 9 important things from him for life and business, says James Altucher.
Banks and Nation-States Are the Walking Dead
Jeff Berwick on how to protect yourself.
Under a False Flag
Justin Raimondo on the sneaky attack on Iran.
What a Decade for Commodities!
Frank Holmes reviews the last and gives his outlook for the next.
10 100-Year Predictions
That came true, and 4 that didn’t. Article by Tom Geoghegan.
Enemies of Your Emergency Food Supply
Tess Pennington has remedies for 6 of the most damaging.
Antibiotic-Resistant Super-Germs Are Spreading
Joseph Mercola on irresponsible antibiotic livestock feed.