Free and Equal Foundation: “Hey Sheriff Mack, we’ve got your back!”

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Hey Sheriff Mack! ‘Free and Equal’ Foundation’s “Got your back!”

The ‘Free and Equal’ Foundation came out today in support of the ‘County Sheriff Project‘ and its upcoming conference.

The project, led by Sheriff Richard Mack, aims to instill in our country’s sheriffs, a deeper understanding of the U.S. Constitution. It will train them to judiciously use their authority to better protect the rights of county residents, Nationwide.

The ‘County Sheriff Project’ will host an educational conference in Las Vegas, January 29 – 31. Organizers expect at least 200 sheriffs to participate. Christina Tobin, founder and president of ‘The Free and Equal Elections Foundation,’ also will be in attendance.

“Citizens’ freedom is being eroded by a Federal government that increasingly disregards our Nation’s Constitution,” Tobin said.

Tobin concluded, “The ‘County Sheriff Project’ is apolitical. It seeks to ensure the personal liberties of everyone. We need sheriffs more than ever. They are the primary defense citizens have, regardless of their politics. From OWS to the Tea Party – everyone – we all need to unite for electoral reform. More-than-ever, the Sheriffs will be necessary to help protect the people – all the people.”


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