LewRockwell.com – January 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Who Rules America?
A power-elite analysis of American history by Charles Burris.
Tough on Crime? No, Tough on Freedom
Lew Rockwell talks to Bill Anderson about the American injustice system.
Global Warming, Air Pollution, and Libertarianism
And Ron Paul. Article by Walter Block.
The Whole World Needs a Ron Paul
Bill Sardi on India, for example.
Iran Can Whip the US and Israel
Without firing a single shot, says Mark Crovelli.
Lead Your People to Freedom, Not to Pharoah
Jerri Ward responds to Michael Farris’s attacks on Ron Paul.
Mark Faber on US and Eurozone bonds.
Brazil Is Is Freer Than the US
So is Rio the next al-Qaeda target? Article by Fernando Chiocca.
The Strongest Man in the World
John DeFeo on Ron Paul.
50 MPG and Far Cheaper Than a Greenmobile
Eric Peters on ’80’s economy cars that weren’t weighed down with 500 lbs of government.
More Reasons To Save Your Nickels
5 ways to build up your supply. Article by James Wesley Rawles.
What Happened to the Magnificent Minoan Civilization?
It’s a whodunnit that has haunted historians and scientists for centuries, says Jessica Cecil.