LewRockwell.com – January 17, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Some on the Right Hate Ron Paul
Some on the left love him. Murray Rothbard helps us understand.
Ignorant, Stupid, and Creepy
Ron Paul’s critics really are low level, says Tom DiLorenzo.
‘O Lord of Death and Destruction’
Laurence Vance on a war prayer for the empire.
The Romney Myth
He’s not electable, says Mark Crovelli. Ron Paul is, and he’s also the moral choice.
An Ignored Disparity
Apparently, says Thomas Sowell, not everyone has the ability to create wealth.
The Middle Class Disappears
The praetorian class arises. Artice by Pete Kofod.
Internet Freedom, But For How Long?
SOPA is DOA, but don’t be fooled; it will be back with a vengeance, says Mac Slavo.
Will We Ever Know the Truth About MLK’s Murder?
A Memoir of Injustice includes previously undisclosed information.
20 Ways to Conserve Your Willpower
And strengthen it. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.
Top 10 Rock Bands
Are your favorites here?
Surrounded, Poked, Prodded, and Sanctioned
Chris Martenson on the death forces arrayed against Iran.
Is There Hope for Neuropathy and Retinopathy Sufferers?
Margaret Durst on promising natural remedies.