New Progressive Alliance Endorses Darcy Richardson

Disaffected NH Dems, Here’s Your Chance


The following is the text of today’s endorsement of Darcy Richardson’s presidential campaign by the New Progressive Alliance.  Click here to see the NPA website. 


Let the party know you’re pissed. Vote Darcy Richardson.  


And not just because Richardson is what Obama is not: An actual Progressive. Richardson has endorsed the Unified Progressive Platform, a document assembling the ideals of two legacy and four current Progressive organizations. That platform, written and ratified last summer, is only the first hurdle to gaining the NPA’s endorsement.


Richardson’s courage deserves your support. A longtime electoral activist who believes we deserve more than the two rancid, illusory “choices” the military industrial complex deigns to allow voters every four years, Richardson earns props as a true illuminator of the just-described kabuki. He began working to awaken the “99 percent” 30 years before that term was minted, as a candidate of the Philadelphia-based Consumer Party.


The NPA is proud to give Darcy Richardson our highest endorsement. We strongly encourage voters in New Hampshire to give him theirs as well, this Tuesday, January 10.


Quoting Judge Louis Brandeis, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” In the 2012 Democratic primaries, Darcy Richardson is the best way for Democrats sick of the past three – and 30 – years’ needless compromises to register their dissent. Voters in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana take note: Richardson is on the primary ballot in your states, too. And working even now to get on the ballot in Wisconsin.







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