LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, January 7-8, 2012

Weekend Edition, January 7-8, 2012
You May Not Be Interested in the Warfare State
But the warfare state is interested in you. Article by Doug Casey.
Heil Rick
Brian Wilson interviews Lew Rockwell about the fascist Santorum, Ron Paul, and Iowa irregularities.
Master of Rhetoric
Ron Paul is the Great Persuader. Article by Gary North.
4 More Years
Of this? Article by Pat Buchanan.
Anti-Public School Teacher
And the amazing gifts she got. Article by Linda Schrock Taylor.
Predictions of a Mad Tin Foiler
Mac Slavo’s forecasts and game changers for 2012.
Pavlovian Training To Obey
Courtesy of the Dept. of Homeland Security. Article by Gary Barnett.
Santorum To Collapse
Hooray, says Dave Trotter.
Rolling Back Gun Control
Firearms freedom is on the march, says James Wesley Rawles.
How I Got the Middle-Age Weight Off
What a difference a few months of going primal can make, says George Steffner.
The Predator Drones Are Targeting LRC
Help us defeat the enemies of freedom. Article by Lew Rockwell.