Social Issues and Morality and the Demise of America!

I have come to the conclusion that it will be social issues and the issues of morality that will ultimately be the demise of America, which is ironic because the evangelical Christian right thinks that by legislating morality they will save the American people from themselves. The only problem is that the establishment has exploited that morality to bring about the most immoral institutions and policies known to man, knowing full well that if they said the right key phrases and beat the drums of social issues and morality they would be able to take our country an transform it from a republic to a socialist democracy!

I would like to note that the government is the most anti-social and immoral institution man has ever created, so to expect and seek for it to deal with social and moral issues makes about as much sense as putting gasoline on a fire and expecting the fire to go out. It simply will not happen but you risk being consumed by the very fire you meant to put out.

The fact of the matter is the church is seeking out government to deal with things that government quite frankly is incapable of dealing with because they are issues that have to do with the human heart and it is only on an individual level that these issues can be dealt with. The church in a sense has become like the same religious leaders who went to Caesar to save them instead of Christ but far worse they used the force of government to be judge, jury and executioner of their own salvation.

The church sadly, has acquiesced the power of the blood in preference to the power of the state, the sad reality is the church is no longer lives by the teachings of Christ but far too many of them are now more than willing to live by the sword instead of picking up their cross daily and learning how to live lives of self-control and propriety but they are more apt to like to control everything around them, so self control is no longer necessary and they can stamp out all sin thus trying to spare themselves the struggle of being born in a fallen world. But, that is not reality the absence of a struggle does not mean that there is no battle being fought…it simply means that you have giving yourself over to your enemy another words you have surrendered the fight.

What is truly heartbreaking about this is the fact that so many of the easily offended Christians, the same one’s who get so offended by Happy Holidays or Merry xmas, are far too often the same people who push and clamor for government intervention abroad and government forced social engineering at home. They fail to see the evil that is done, in their name, is evil no matter how good and holy the intention you have are and it is like I have said before, you do not become evil in order to rid the world of evil but you are merely adding to the evil which already exist, thus you are multiplying it not getting rid of it. the only way to rid the world of evil is to deal with the evil in your heart and realizing that you are powerless to deal with the evil in someone else’s heart.

We need to start voting principles not morals, the economy not social issues, a foreign policy that protects America instead of breeding and creating enemies, which only feeds the military industrial complex beast…you don’t feed a wild animal expecting it to shrink and weaken in power, that will not happen, you will only get a bigger, more fierce beast that will only need more to satisfy it appetite for power and empire…we need to starve the beast that is our imperial war machine!

If you would like to deal with social issue and morality, try living them out yourself and teach your children the value that comes with practicing what you preach. If we Christians would all deal with the planks in our own eyes that will be at least 75% of Americans dealing with the social and moral ails of society which would make government legislating social issues and morality a mute point!

~ Jennifer ~