LewRockwell.com – January 4, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Will Ron Paul Destroy the ‘Party of Lincoln’?
And would that be bad? Tom DiLorenzo on WaPo’s ignorant smear.
Liberty Defined
By Ron Paul, of course. Article by David Gordon.
Who Started It?
Walter Block on Iran, and why Ron Paul is right.
The Real History of 3rd Parties
And how it pertains to Ron Paul. Lew Rockwell talks to Charles Burris.
Catholics and Libertarians
Ryan McMaken on 6 myths.
Bad Laws Attract Bad People To Enforce Them
Eric Peters on 3 types of cops who threaten harmless, morally innocent people with violence.
Power Captivates the Worst Sort
And they will use it on us, brutally, in the New Year, says Paul Craig Roberts.
Neocon ‘Democracy’ Spooks
They subvert foreign governments that won’t bow and scrape. Article by Pat Buchanan.
8 Simple Truths
You need to know about 2012. Article by Simon Black.
Good Riddance to 2011
Only Bill Bonner could make you laugh about it.
Look at Your Blood Work With a Critical Eye
Normal-range results don’t guarantee good health, says Margaret Durst.
Neocons Want To Bomb LRC
Will the Predators succeed? Article by Lew Rockwell.