LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, December 31, 2011 and January 1, 2012

Weekend Edition, December 31, 2011 and January 1, 2012
Ron Paul Is Our Moses
Leading us out of slavery, if we want it so. Article by Gary North.
Do Shoppers Kill 3rd World Kids?
Karen De Coster on the latest Facebook baloney.
The Paul-Haters Are Doomed
Ron will prevail, and the frothing neocons will lose, says Justin Raimondo.
The War on Drugs Is the War for Pain
Bill Anderson on maniacal prosecutors and the loss of a humanitarian warrior.
Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go
Rafi Farber writes from Israel.
It’s Finally a Horse Race
Bill Sardi on the presidential election.
Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul
As the only antiwar candidate. Article by Kurt Nimmo.
Iowa’s Choice
It’s Ron Paul or US bankruptcy, perpetual war, and more dead soldiers. Article by Mike Scheuer.
Social Unrest, Civil War, Systemic Collapse
Jim Rogers on 2012 and beyond.
Is the US Losing Control of the World?
Let’s hope so. Article by Pat Buchanan.
The Weight Dropped Off Effortlessly
Going primal and gluten-free made me feel alive.