LewRockwell.com – December 28, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
The War Propaganda Party
Only Ron Paul refuses to join. Article by Butler Shaffer.
War Revisionism
Lew Rockwell talks to John Denson about WWI and II.
Is Ron Paul Out of Date?
Don’t make Walter Block laugh.
The Many Benefits of 9/11
For the regime. Article by John Brennan.
Welcome to the Police State
Ron Paul on repealing the Bill of Rights.
Our Obligation to the Future of Mankind
We must oppose the State and its wars, and support the free market, says Paul Rosenberg.
Throw the Fascists Out
Montanans organize to recall senators who voted for the infinite detainment bill. Article by Mac Slavo.
It Seeks To Dominate Others by Force
Bill Bonner on the real nature of government.
20 Classic Films
Your children must see.
Does This Finger Prove Big Foot Exists?
Actor Jimmy Stewart spirited it out of Nepal, and now it is to be DNA tested.
Vaccine Exemptions Under Attack in All 50 States
Joseph Mercola on how to use your 1st amendment right to opt-out.