LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, December 24-25, 2011

Weekend Edition, December 24-25, 2011
Government vs. the Christ Child
And other economic lessons of Bethlehem. Article by Lew Rockwell.
The Greatest Christmas Carol
Alastair Sim IS Scrooge, says Gary North.
The Light of the Seven Days
Was it a warning of extraordinary events to come? Article by Immanuel Velikovsky.
Whether Or Not We Are Believers
All Americans have a huge stake in Christianity and Christmas, says Paul Craig Roberts.
The Christmas Truce
John Denson on how soldiers ended war, at least for a time.
Marc Faber’s 2012 Predictions
More money-printing and less prosperity.
Their Right To Kill
Our duty to die. Article by Will Grigg.
The Case for Ebenezer
Even as a bad guy, he was a good guy, thanks to the market. Article by Butler Shaffer.
Another War of Aggression, This Time Against Iran?
At least make Congress vote on it, says Pat Buchanan.
A Christmas Gift for My Daughter
The most important lesson Harry Browne wanted to teach her.
9 Underground Economies
Justin Rohrlich on some unconventional black markets.
What’s Up, Doc?
Or should I ask Shakespeare for medical advice? Article by Theodore Dalrymple.