LewRockwell.com – December 23, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011
My Fellow Americans
Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address, by Gary North.
National Review’s Bigoted Rants
Tom DiLorenzo on the first neocon mag.
Obama’s FEMA Camps
Conspiracy theory, or conspiracy fact? Article by Scott Lazarowitz.
Santa’s Last Run?
Eric Peters on what might happen if the bureaucrats, PC police, and cops got their hands on the Jolly Old Elf.
Of Course, Ron Paul Can Win
Here’s how. Article by James Jaeger.
Worse Than 2008, Much Worse
Hold onto your money and increase your preparations, says Chris Martenson.
What Would Ron Paul Own?
His portfolio mirrors his principles, says Jeff Berwick.
Going Bust
More bad news for the anti-energy, greedy Algorians. Article by James Delingpole.
Want To Leave the US?
The Overseas Radio Network can help make it easier for you, says P.T. Freeman.
11 Ways To Get into the Christmas Spirit
It’s a great time for a man to be himself, say Brett and Kate McKay.
On the Fast-Track to Obesity, Diabetes, and Prescription Drugs
But see what happened when I decided to give the primal lifestyle a 30-day trial, says Brandon White.