LewRockwell.com – December 22, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Money Cranks vs. Ron Paul
Gary North wipes the floor with them.
Top 12 Trends of 2012
Gerald Celente has an alarming list.
6 Reasons Your Bank Is Not Safe
Simon Black on what to do about it.
The Bear Market Is Back
And it will be far worse than people expect, let alone are prepared for, says Richard Russell.
Money Can Cause an Economic Crisis
Peter Schiff explains in a Ron Paul Monetary Lecture.
Guns and Ammo
Mark Slavo on a new asset class for the post-collapse world.
DOD Gangbangers
Jeff Berwick on the real illegal alien problem.
Is the Human Race Far Older Than We Thought?
Michael Cremo challenges establishment archeology.
Ahoy! Monetary Pirates
George Smith on the Jolly Roger dollar.
Scary Laundry List
Joseph Mercola on the toxic chemicals in your detergent.
Dry Eyes?
Steam them. Article by Mary Gold.
Cholesterol 101
Mark Sisson on the good, the bad, and how to interpret your test results.