Big News from Darcy G. Richardson

Aldous Tyler Ends Presidential Campaign, Will Back Darcy


We have some exciting news this morning!

Presidential candidate Aldous Tyler of Wisconsin has announced as of today on Fire Dog Lake that he will be ending his bid for the Democratic nomination and is now endorsing Darcy Richardson.

“I am officially endorsing Darcy Richardson for the Democratic Primary and Caucus season of 2012,” said Tyler in his statement. “He is carrying on the fight far futher than I was capable of doing, and he deserves our support.”


Tyler’s name will remain on the ballot in New Hampshire, as it is past the deadline for the Secretary of State to remove it.


“I am honored to have Mr. Tyler’s support,” said Darcy Richardson.  “My friend Aldous took on the difficult and often unenviable task of challenging the President within his own party when a number of better-known progressive Democrats refused to answer the call.  Aldous stood for the party’s better self, articulating the kind of forward-looking future that millions of progressives thought they were voting for in 2008.  I’m proud of the effort he made and I wholeheartedly welcome his support.”


NEXT UP: Mississippi Petition Drive Needs Your Support


More filing deadlines are around the corner in a number of important states and we are preparing to begin several petition drives.  All of this costs money, as you might expect.

Next on our radar is Mississippi, which requires we organize and collect 500 signatures by next month.  We can do this, but we’ll need some help.

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