LewRockwell.com – December 21, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Hey, Republican Establishment
What good soldiers and the mainstream know about Ron Paul that you don’t. Article by John Keller.
People Are Waking Up, Educating Themselves, Resisting the Regime
Brian Wilson talks with Lew Rockwell about social change for freedom.
Once Upon a Time It Was ‘No Harm, No Foul’
Now it’s “Submit and Obey.” Article by Eric Peters.
The Latest GI To Die in Iraq
For what? Article by Laurence Vance.
Is ‘Law Enforcement’ Composed of Heroes?
John Brennan on lying propaganda.
British Prepare Evacuation Plans
Ahead of the collapse of Spain and Portugal. Article by Mac Slavo.
18 New Attacks on Free Speech
The power elite live in fear of the First Amendment.
Make an Entrance, Not an Exit
Jeff Clark on reacting to the gold correction.
Enrich the Insiders, Rip-Off the Outsiders
Bill Bonner on collectivist “depression-prevention.”
Mmmm – Leftovers!
5 delicious ways to finish off your turkey. Article by Matt Moore.
For the Love of Leafy Greens
Edward Group on how they boost your immune defenses.