Darcy Richardson campaign updates

SUCCESS: Darcy Will Appear on the Texas Primary Ballot!


Last week, I wrote to you and let you know that we needed to raise $2,500 in order to secure a spot on the Texas primary ballot. 

You responded and today I’m happy to share the good news… WE DID IT!

Adding Texas to the list, which already included New Hampshire, Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana, we have now secured ballot access in FIVE key early primary states.

NEXT UP: Mississippi Petition Drive Needs Your Support


More filing deadlines are around the corner in a number of important states and we are preparing to begin several petition drives.  All of this costs money, as you might expect.

Next on our radar is Mississippi, which requires we organize and collect 500 signatures by next month.  We can do this, but we’ll need some help.

Please visit the campaign website at Darcy2012.com and give your most generous contribution to help us continue offering Democrats a REAL choice. 

You can donate via secure online form with your credit card.  And, you have my word that every single dollar we raise will go towards our ballot access drive.