Chat log from the BTP Presidential & Vice Presidential debate

Last Saturday the candidates for the Presidential and Vice Presidential nomination were notified of a debate to take place in a chat room on Dec. 17, 2011. The log of the debate is included below:

19:57 southernpatriot debate will begin in 3 minutes
20:01 southernpatriot welcome to the BTP Presidential & Vice Presidential debate
20:01 southernpatriot I will serve as moderator
20:01 southernpatriot I ask that those who are not candidates refrain from chatting during the debate
20:02 southernpatriot I will ask questions and each candidate will have approximately 4 minutes to respond
20:02 southernpatriot I ask that since this is in a chatroom, the candidates only post one sentence at a time during their response
20:02 southernpatriot Robert & Tiffany – do you both understand the set up?
20:03 TiffanyBriscoe I do, Mr. Chairman
20:03 robertwmilnes2012 Yes, I believe so.
20:04 southernpatriot to begin, please introduce yourself: Tiffany will have the floor first
20:04 TiffanyBriscoe Very well. My name is Tiffany Briscoe.
20:05 TiffanyBriscoe I am from the great state of Maryland, where I live in the privatized community of Russett.
20:05 TiffanyBriscoe I made general studies at the Howard Community College and since then, I am the proud owner of two small businesses, including a retail store.
20:06 TiffanyBriscoe I believe that our country is in great despair and needs important, immediate reforms to lower the influence of the State on our lives.
20:07 TiffanyBriscoe I decided to run last March because I was amazed by the state of the federal regulatory policies that were affecting even my own small shop.
20:07 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes
20:08 robertwmilnes2012 Thank you. My name is Robert W. Milnes
20:09 southernpatriot is that the extent of your introduction?
20:09 robertwmilnes2012 No. I was born on July 26, 1952 in Camden, New Jersey
20:10 robertwmilnes2012 It is one of the poorest cities in the USA.
20:10 robertwmilnes2012 High crime rate to. Recently the State Police have resumed patrols.
20:11 robertwmilnes2012 Many police officetrs and firefighterts laid off recently.
20:12 southernpatriot Thank you. We will now continue with the questions for both candidates. Mr Milnes first, followed by Ms. Briscoe
20:12 robertwmilnes2012 I have lived hetremost of my life. How do we signal Chair that is all?
20:12 southernpatriot What is your ideal tax policy?
20:13 southernpatriot I can tell when someone is typing. If time expires, I will post that times has expired
20:14 southernpatriot if you finish your answer early, please post “done”
20:15 robertwmilnes2012 I believe the economy needs to be stablized and reforems phased in. Assuming we get sufficient Legislative power.
20:16 robertwmilnes2012 My pet project is to declare all tresidences and businesses Stations/Households.
20:17 robertwmilnes2012 Phase in various infrastructures and cottage industries. Employment/unemployment could be redefined.
20:17 southernpatriot time has expired
20:17 southernpatriot Ms. Briscoe
20:18 TiffanyBriscoe Thank you.
20:18 robertwmilnes2012 Flat tax does not seem equitable.
20:18 TiffanyBriscoe I would like to first point out that Mr. Milnes barely answered the question.
20:18 TiffanyBriscoe What would be my ideal tax poliy?
20:18 TiffanyBriscoe No taxation at all.
20:18 TiffanyBriscoe But steps need to be taken to get to this point.
20:19 TiffanyBriscoe This is why I advocate for an entire reform of the tax code as of today.
20:19 TiffanyBriscoe I want to make a flat tax of 20% on every individual earning more than $34,000 a year, with a 0% rate for those earning less.
20:20 TiffanyBriscoe The corporate tax needs to be abolished to allow companies to prosper.
20:20 TiffanyBriscoe The death tax should be only kept at a rate of 25% for those earning more than $250,000 a year.
20:21 TiffanyBriscoe And when it comes to the capital gains tax, it should be made flat at a 5% rate, whatever the length of the investment and whatever its size.
20:21 southernpatriot time has expired
20:21 southernpatriot the next question will first be answered by Ms. Briscoe: What is your opinion of the “Read the Bills Act”?
20:23 TiffanyBriscoe I am not very aware of the state of this legislation as of today.
20:23 TiffanyBriscoe But I can assure you that I fully support it.
20:23 TiffanyBriscoe This bill promotes more government efficiency.
20:23 TiffanyBriscoe Congress should always be required to know what it passes.
20:24 southernpatriot The Read the Bills Act is a proposed piece of legislation that requires both Houses of Congress to read all legislation aloud on the floor and post it online for a full 7 days before being brought u for a vote
20:24 southernpatriot *up
20:24 TiffanyBriscoe Or else, we would end up in a situation as Nancy Pelosi’s remarks on the need of passing the Health Care Bill to know what’s in it.
20:25 TiffanyBriscoe Moreover, it surely also promotes government transparency, which needs to be emphasized more.
20:25 TiffanyBriscoe “done”
20:25 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes
20:26 southernpatriot same question: What is your opinion of the “Read the Bills Act”?
20:27 robertwmilnes2012 Yes, Generally in support. I wouldn;t requiore reading it aloud. Posting on internet seems fin.
20:27 robertwmilnes2012 I would be very skeptical of anything having to do with Thje Pauls. Rand and Ron.
20:28 robertwmilnes2012 It is probably bogged down in Congress-again.
20:30 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes the following is a 2 part question: Do you support the right to self determination? If so, do you support the right of the residents of the American territories to be allowed to become independent,if they so choose?
20:32 robertwmilnes2012 Yes. Including Native Americans. But under present circumstances most do not seem to be majority as in a referendum-interested.
20:33 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes – anything else to add?
20:33 robertwmilnes2012 Sorry, no.
20:34 southernpatriot Ms. Briscoe: same question
20:34 TiffanyBriscoe The right to self-determination is the most fundamental principle in the belief that we are all capable and reasonable individuals.
20:35 TiffanyBriscoe Going against this right is, in fact, supporting the idea that some greater authority should have more power than yourself in your decisions.
20:35 TiffanyBriscoe This principle also applies to the state and local governments.
20:36 TiffanyBriscoe If a State feels it is over burdened by a regulatory, expensive, mandating central authority, it should be allowed to secede from the rest of the Union.
20:37 TiffanyBriscoe The United States were created as a trade and monetary alliance between independent states and it took a war to abandon this fact.
20:38 TiffanyBriscoe Were Texas or Florida to secede based on popular demand under my presidency, I would not actively fight for their remaining into the union.
20:38 southernpatriot time
20:38 southernpatriot Ms. Briscoe: Do you disagree with any planks of the current BTP Program?
20:39 TiffanyBriscoe On the long-term, I cannot say I do.
20:39 TiffanyBriscoe I am all for peace abroad, liberty at home, and free choice among individuals.
20:40 TiffanyBriscoe However, I do believe we need steps to get to there.
20:40 TiffanyBriscoe But we will, eventually, have to strive for a freedom-based society if we want to let prosperity ring.
20:41 TiffanyBriscoe And I apologize, I meant “On the long-term, I cannot say I do not”
20:41 TiffanyBriscoe Never mind, I agree with the BTP platform on the long-term.
20:42 TiffanyBriscoe Sorry about the confusion”
20:42 TiffanyBriscoe “Done”
20:42 southernpatriot thank you
20:42 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes, same question: Do you disagree with any planks of the current BTP Program?
20:43 robertwmilnes2012 Yes agreement long term. As radicals we all generally in the ideal human society-some form of anarchism.
20:44 robertwmilnes2012 Unfortunately some -rightists-Secessionists etc. want to go in the wrong direction.
20:45 robertwmilnes2012 & it is not going to be quick, easy or simple. At least I have the direction correct.
20:46 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes, 2 part question) Do you have any plans for helping obtain ballot access? If so, what are they?
20:46 robertwmilnes2012 This differentiates BTP from LP. Generally.
20:47 robertwmilnes2012 Yes, of course.
20:48 robertwmilnes2012 By having the ticket proceed as either BTP OR Independent we should be able to ghet on all ballots.
20:49 robertwmilnes2012 Now, if the BTP gets the LP to nominate its ticket, all that ballot access will not get wasted
20:49 robertwmilnes2012 Then, getting the GP to nominate the BTP ticket should assure most if not all ballots.
20:50 robertwmilnes2012 This is critical to get bloc vote. People just shy away from voting for a ticket that cannot win.
20:50 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes – your time has expired.
20:50 southernpatriot Ms. Briscoe- same question
20:51 TiffanyBriscoe I would like to remind everyone that I was earlier accused by Robert Milnes for not having any concrete plan to get ballot access.
20:51 TiffanyBriscoe Well, I would like to first return the compliment.
20:52 TiffanyBriscoe Getting the Libertarian and Green Party nominations are all very hypothetical and we should not base our entire ballot access policy on the hope that we do so.
20:52 TiffanyBriscoe Now, we need to consider the fact that each State has its own ballot access rules.
20:53 TiffanyBriscoe But most of them are involve either paying a fee or presenting a petition.
20:54 TiffanyBriscoe I will actively campaign to get enough petition signatures to have the BTP name on most national ballots.
20:54 TiffanyBriscoe Targeting communities with strong pro-liberty messages can in itself be enough.
20:54 southernpatriot time has expired
20:54 southernpatriot Ms Briscoe – yu will have 2 minutes to answer the following question
20:54 southernpatriot Ms Briscoe: How do you respond to the fact that you do not have a photo of yourself posted online?
20:55 TiffanyBriscoe This is rather an unexpected question.
20:55 TiffanyBriscoe I do not have any official picture of myself, because at first I never thought of the need for one -until the problem arose within our party.
20:56 TiffanyBriscoe If you would like so, I can directly send you a picture of myself as soon as the debate is over to your address e-mail. They just are not pictures that I would like to post on a campaign website.
20:57 TiffanyBriscoe As soon as I get my new computer, I will upload official pictures -and this means by the end of next week.
20:57 TiffanyBriscoe “done”
20:58 TiffanyBriscoe But I would like to ask Mr. Chairman for at least an opportunity for a closing statement.
20:58 southernpatriot the final question is for Mr. Milnes
20:58 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes: Do you wish to explain what PLAS is and why the BTP should be the first party to try it?
20:58 southernpatriot you will be given a chance for a closing statement
21:00 robertwmilnes2012 Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. Worked out mostly by me and Tom K. We had a long-several years correspondence.
21:00 robertwmilnes2012 He recently cut off communication with me because of my criticisms of paulie.
21:01 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes – quickly, why the BTP should be the first party to try it?
21:01 robertwmilnes2012 Briefly, a m/f(preferably() fusion ticket with a libertarian-or BTP-OR GReen-a progressive-on evet downtickety ballot.
21:02 robertwmilnes2012 BTP should try it because I say I think it can work & is worth a try
21:02 southernpatriot thank you
21:02 southernpatriot as we have run long, I will give you both 1minute to post a closing statement
21:02 southernpatriot Mr. Milnes, first
21:04 robertwmilnes2012 I have made this election a referendum on PLAS. Tiffany Briscoe has indicated a rightist bent. I do not know about Davison but being a Republican has me concerned
21:04 southernpatriot time has expired
21:04 southernpatriot Ms. Briscoe – 1 minute closing statement
21:05 TiffanyBriscoe I believe I am the only candidate here with a consistent, pro-liberty message.
21:05 TiffanyBriscoe In fact, the only consistency Mr. Milnes has is in being vague.
21:05 southernpatriot thank you
21:06 TiffanyBriscoe He has no plan on the economy, no ideas about national security, has not shown why the PLAS will work for the COUNTRY
21:06 TiffanyBriscoe While I have a concrete platform
21:06 southernpatriot I would like to thank both of you for participating in this debate
21:06 TiffanyBriscoe Thank you very much for organizing it, Mr. Chairman.
21:07 robertwmilnes2012 Yes, thank you. Chair is welcome. It has been my privilige.
21:07 southernpatriot I would like to ask if there are any VP candidates in the chatroom?
21:07 JamesOgle James Ogle, candidate nominated for vice president with the Boston Tea Party, here!
21:08 southernpatriot are either of the anonymous users VP candidates?
21:09 southernpatriot ok – it appears that neither Kim Johnson or Steven Linnabary are in attendance
21:09 JamesOgle
21:09 southernpatriot Mr. Ogle – it aappears you will be debating yourself
21:09 JamesOgle
21:10 southernpatriot please introduce yourself
21:10 JamesOgle My name is James Ogle, I’m a life long self employed artist, specializing in two and three deminsional art.
21:11 JamesOgle A produced steal and bronze most recently, and in my later years I’m trying a new livlihood, investing.
21:11 JamesOgle I started a fantasy parliament online in 1995, and caught the attention of the founders of Google who copied my logo joogle.
21:12 JamesOgle The URL is for the fantasy parliament.
21:13 JamesOgle I’m tired of trying to get this project promoted with presidential candidates and since I have found the Libertarian Party to be most friendly to the concept, I’ve been coordinating with them by running for president/vp myself
21:13 southernpatriot thank you
21:14 southernpatriot time has expired
21:14 southernpatriot Mr. Ogle: What is your opinion of SOPA?
21:14 southernpatriot SOPA is the “Stop Online Piracy Act”
21:14 JamesOgle No opinion.
21:15 JamesOgle done
21:15 southernpatriot question submitted from a Free Talk Live listener: how do you feel about the new competition of American’s Elect?
21:16 JamesOgle I’ve been talking to friends of American Elect, and we welcome them in our broad coalition. Done.
21:16 southernpatriot please explain the “broad coalition” you just mentioned
21:17 JamesOgle I am in favor of working with ALL us voters and non voters, and I am building a team of 1000 consecutively ranked names, based on votes cast as proof. Done.
21:18 southernpatriot What is your ideal tax policy?
21:18 JamesOgle I agree with Tiffany. No tax is ideal.
21:18 JamesOgle However, that may not be realistic.
21:19 JamesOgle But I am not here as a candidate to dictate any particular policy, other than to observe the counting of votes, I want to facilitate majority rule on all issues.
21:19 JamesOgle done
21:20 southernpatriot Do you disagree with any planks of the current BTP Program?
21:20 JamesOgle Yes. Government is too big, it’s out of control.
21:21 JamesOgle As quickly as all items can be nominated by every member of Congress, the items can be debated with equal time and then ranked in preference, then all items in the budget can be calibrated down proportionate by an agreed percent. That’s my suggested plan. Done.
21:22 southernpatriot What is your opinion of the “Read the Bills Act”?
21:22 JamesOgle Haven’t read it…
21:22 JamesOgle sounds like a good idea so far. Done.
21:23 southernpatriot the Read the Bills Act requires all legislation to be read aloud on the floor of both Houses of Congress and posted online for 7 days before coming up for a vote
21:23 JamesOgle Yawn! Done.
21:23 southernpatriot What is your philosophy on central banks and fiat currency?
21:24 JamesOgle I believe gold and silver should and does dictate the value of the dollar. Done.
21:24 southernpatriot thank you
21:25 JamesOgle Thank you too. Great job to everyone. This was very enjoyable.
21:25 southernpatriot This VP debate was scheduled to be 1 hour long, however with only once candidate I do not have enough questions to extend the debate 30 more minutes
21:25 southernpatriot in 5 minutes or less, can you explain why you should be the VP nominee of the BTP?
21:26 JamesOgle Yes.
21:26 JamesOgle I have a plan to unite all American voters as a team.
21:27 JamesOgle My plan is to open the door to all voters, all parties and independents, and to help get full representation by promoting and trying to implement this voting system.
21:28 JamesOgle I am activity contacting all team players, we’ve elected a team of ten presidential candidates, I’m on an email list with another 65 presidential candidates.
21:29 JamesOgle I’m able to locate people who want to work together, by identifying team players who will use the ranked voting system in multi-winner districts.
21:29 JamesOgle Win or lose, I want to work with the team, as a volunteer vote counter.
21:30 JamesOgle If our team wins, we all win.
21:30 JamesOgle Thank you. Done.
21:30 southernpatriot thank you. This concludes the VP debate
21:30 mib_x65b5x Can the readers ask questions?
21:30 southernpatriot if the candidates do not object
21:31 southernpatriot Bob, Tiffany & James, are you willing to answer an audience question?
21:31 JamesOgle I’m available for questions myself.
21:31 TiffanyBriscoe Sure
21:32 southernpatriot mib_x65b5x: go ahead with your question
21:32 mib_x65b5x What’s the opinion of each candidates (P & VP) on abortion?
21:33 JamesOgle I personally believe that this is an issue for women to answer, and I believe that’s their choice.
21:34 TiffanyBriscoe I also believe the same. Abortion is a question of private property and on whether the woman has the right to keep something in her body against her will or not.
21:36 mib_x65b5x and what about immigration?
21:38 JamesOgle I am in favor of legal immigration. However, I also favor enforcing current laws as unfair as they may be. But I also wish to implement better ways to improve and simplify all laws. I am skeptical laws and decisions that have not used ranked choice voting.
21:40 JamesOgle I like multiple alternatives on voting on all laws and decisions, the more the better.. Done.
21:41 TiffanyBriscoe As for me, I believe immigration is of a major importance for this nation’s growth. I would offer a program of two years that would allow illegal immigrants to apply and receive a working visa.
21:42 TiffanyBriscoe I would also stop the building of the so-called border fence, as it is just a waste of money.
21:42 TiffanyBriscoe Finally, I would make it much easier to become an American and, thus, a consumer, producer, worker, or entrepreneur in our economy.
21:42 TiffanyBriscoe This implies reducing federal bureaucracy and loosen immigration rules.
21:42 TiffanyBriscoe Done
21:44 mib_x65b5x If Milnes doesn’t want to jump in, I’ll end my part.
21:44 mib_x65b5x Thank you for this opportunity.
—end debate—