Bill of Rights Day Houston Free Thinkers and Occupy Houston Senator’s Offices and the NDAA

Original Post by MJ for the Houston Free Thinkers

Repost for Free Patriot Press by Tessa Kole

On Thursday morning 15thDecember“Bill of Rights Date” a group of approximately forty people marched from Tranquility Park to the Mickey Leland Federal building at 1919 Smith St. to draw public awareness to the NDAA act and to deliver letters of grievance from constituents. These activists were from Occupy Houston and the Houston Free Thinkers.

The demonstrators carried signs addressing the dangers of indefinite military detention of American citizens suspected of terrorism. Upon arrival at the Federal Building the demonstrators performed a street theatre piece which detailed a police state in which citizens demanding their Constitutional rights were rounded up by military officials and denied the right to a trial.

Once the street theatre piece concluded, the demonstrators were denied access to their senator’s office by Department of Homeland Security and Houston Police Department. At the Federal building an employee of the senator’s office spoke with demonstrators. He suggested that they attend an open visit time at the Senator’s D.C. office. The Houston Free Thinkers delivered the letters of grievance to the senator via her deputy.

Thursday afternoon the demonstrators marched from West Gray and Shepard to Senator Cornyn’s office on Memorial. The demonstrators upon arrival at the building were physically shoved without warning from the drive of the office building to the sidewalk. Mounted Houston Police Department, H.P.D. on foot in uniform, and plainclothes police blocked delivery of the letters to Senator Cornyn for a short time and then allowed three demonstrators to take the letters to a representative of Senator Cornyn.

Houston Free Thinkers informed the Senators that: “S. 1867 authorizes indefinite military detention of suspected terrorists without protecting the people’s right to a fair trial. I am deeply concerned about this provision which undermines the people’s Fourth, Fifth , Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth amendment rights.

Furthermore, S. 1867 requires that suspected foreign terrorists be arrested by the military. This denies civilian law enforcement authorities the flexibility necessary to conduct effective counter-terrorism operations.

This bill flies in the face of civil liberties and your oath to defend the Constitution.”

To see the original article, please visit the Houston Free Thinkers web page at this link:

And, check out this video from our local news station, KPRC Channel 2 News. Derrick Broze from the Houston Free Thinkers gave a GREAT interview with them regarding the NDAA legislation and how it damages our freedom!!