LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, December 10-11, 2011

Weekend Edition, December 10-11, 2011
In Defense of Historical Revisionism
Bob Higgs on the gaggle of regime mouthpieces who oppose it.
Fascist USA
Lew Rockwell on the real American system since FDR. (Podcast)
Response to a Jewish Opponent of Ron Paul
Walter Block refutes the “25 [ridiculous] reasons not to support Ron.”
When Water Covered the Mountains
The tradition of a universal deluge was told by all ancient civilizations, says Immanuel Velikovsky.
A Genuinely Great Coach
Unlike Joe Paterno. Article by Steve Berger.
Visible Proof That Oswald Was a Patsy
Ralph Cinque on uncovering a murderers’ trick.
Abolish State Money
To heal the economy and shut up the greenbackers, says Mike Rozeff.
The Neocon War Against Russia
Marco Rubio tries to open a new front; Rand Paul stops him, says Pat Buchanan.
Remember WHAT About Pearl Harbor?
Jack Kenny on neocons and that horrific, unnecessary war.
The Untouchables
Power-elite immunity in the age of imperialism. Article by Justin Raimondo.
Lessons in Manliness from Dante
Andrew Ratelle on the life and wisdom of one of history’s foremost thinkers.