LewRockwell.com – December 8, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Do You Have Beri-Beri?
It’s the curse, says Bill Sardi, of coffee, tea, and beer drinkers in advanced societies.
Phony Money for Worthless Promises
Gary North on high finance.
All I Want for Christmas…
Karen Kwiatkowski is making her list and checking it twice.
Used Car Red Flags
Eric Peters on simple checks you can do yourself.
The Mob Still Votes
The bankers still rule. Ron Holland on another day in the USA.
The ‘Man in the Doorway’
It was Lee Oswald, says Ralph Cinque.
You Don’t Still Trust Your Money to the Banksters, Do You?
Don’t be the last in line when the SHTF, says Mac Slavo.
It All Started After His Assets Were Seized
Simon Black on the Mark Nestmann story.
An Anarcho-Capitalist on ‘Government Assets’
Jim Davies on how dangerous they are to the rest of us.
Big Agra Has Ruined Your Health
Mark Sisson on what to do about it.
A Very Old Remedy That Still Works Wonders
Margaret Durst on cheap, simple castor oil packs.